Monday, November 06, 2006

Fashon Faux Pas

This weekend excitement is enough to warrent three separate posts. Friday, I acted as the date to my old college roommate Jordan since his girlfriend would not get back in town until Saturday. We met some of his co-workers and other British people out at a bar on the upper East side. There are two things to note when drinking with Brits....1) the accent will prevent you from taking anything they say seriously, 2) they really know how to pound their booze. One co-worker told me the funniest story that I have to repeat in the blog. The "mate" of this British guy called him one day and asked if he could borrow a black tie for the funeral of his uncle (I guess in England, you wear a black tie to funerals). Being the nice guy that he is, he wanted to cheer up his friend. He therefore stripped down to his birthday suit and then put on the tie. When he heard a knock at the door, he flung it open and stood there in his manly pose (superman style). Turns out the friend had sent his sister to pick up the tie! He quickly did the cross the leg, throw the arms down modesty pose and jumped behind the door. He reached around and tossed her the tie amid her shocked gasping. Later that day, he got a phone call from his mate that went "what the f*ck was that all about, my sister will not stop crying, and I don't think it is about my uncle!" Ahhhh, good times (note the story is more humous when told in the Queen's English accent).


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