Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween part Deux

Fortunately for me, Halloween fell on a Tuesday. This means I could celebrate it on the weekend as well as the week. The gang of Farrell, Marshall, and I headed out to the East Village for some Halloween entertainment. The annual NYC Halloween parade was happening in the West Village, so there were many interesting costumes on the train and street. There was a guy (assuming) in a full Chewbacca costume, several Rainbow Brights, goth band members (wait that may have not been a costume), etc. Our costumes were: Farrell - speed racer (the biggest hit of the night), Me - same red dress from Saturday night sans blonde wig (yes lame costume), Marshall - Crow makeup that he later washed off a the bar and the residue made him look more like Borat (he did shave his beard into a mustache). I will admit, there were plenty of girls in ho outfits (I mean seriously, you could see everything!). The sad thing is that for every hot girl in a skimpy outfit, there were 10 wanna-bes in the same thing but without the same effect.

We spoke with a group of four girls dressed up as slutty Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles. All three of us were able to name the turtles based on memory from our childhood. The girls were real teenages (or at least close to, since the oldest was 21). I guess "Shredder" in the group told them "hey they don't even check" or something at the door. We were all hanging out at Doc Holiday's bar waiting for the infamous "show". Evidently it is tradition that this bar puts on a costume contest that turns into an amature strip night. The girls get on the bar and start shedding costume pieces. Mashall said there were around 7 girls naked dancing on the bar last year. All around the bar there were signs posted that said "no photography, video, cell phones, etc" to protect (or encourage) the girls. When we heard show was not going to start until 2am, we tried to bar hop in the village to kill time. We stopped at a little taco joint that had the best Chicken taco I have had in a loooooong time. In the end, the bar hopping just ended up putting me to sleep (come on, I have work in the morning). Marshall and I called it a night while Farrell headed back to Doc's show. He said the show didn't live up to the hype (only one full nude girl and one topless one). The good thing is that he met a super cute and funny girl while there. We all met her last night at a movie screening for this British movie (starter for 10, I think) that will be relased in Feburary. She is awesome and I am now impressed with Farrell's skill! At the movie screening, we were totally "those guys" at the show. Everyone else were writers or such, and analysing the movie. Us four were in the back actually laughing at the funny parts. Come on people, have a personality!


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