Monday, October 23, 2006

Is this it's Brewtopia

Ahhhh just when I thought the high point of the week would be watching a cowboy stripper, something else wonderful comes along. It was Marshall's 26th birthday on Friday, so Farell and I (well mostly Farell) took him to the "Brewtopia world beer festival". For $60, you can spend four hours sampling the various micro brews from around the world. It was being held at the Javits convention center (funny since that is the project I am working on, so I was able to do some recon while there). There must have been over a hundred imports and micro brew companies represented there. With so much to sample, it was like power hour for 4 hours! At on point, Farell said "this is the greatest day of my life, I feel like a kid in a candy store, I am so happy I can skip!" and then he proceeded to skip to the next booth. Each booth had trinkets to advertise their beer or brand. The boys loaded up on flashing pins, stickers, beads, medals (yes medals), hats, etc. What ever they could not put on their body, they shoved into my purse (I really should have brought a bigger purse). They called me their Sherpa. With the head to toe advertisement and giddy behavior, they were totally "those guys". Here is our before and after picture (Farell in the red shirt, Marshall looking drunk in both pictures).

Of course the night did not end once Brewtopia did. We aimlessly stumbled to a nearby seedy Hell's Kitchen hole-in-the-wall bar. On the way, we drunk dialed Farell's dad (why I do not know). The bar was on of those that only served three kinds of domestic beer and cheap whisky. The best part was the ski-ball! Farell's claim to fame is challenging and then beating a homeless guy at skiball. He was very proud of his 300 score until some one else got 330 after him. Next was the Irish Rouge pub (same one from the Nebraska game) where the Irish bartender remembered us from the previous week. By that time, it was almost closing time, so we were ushered out soon. Next was pizza where Marshall was convinced Farell had already left for home even though he was sitting right next to him. All in all, I think it was a good birthday celebration since Marshall showed up an hour late to the 2:00 KSU game the following day.


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