Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bounty of New York

Okay I have often heard that quality stuff could be found dumpster diving, and I hit the jackpot yetserday. On my way home from work, I passed by this huge dumpster for an office building. It was filled to the brim with top dollar executive office chairs. These chairs were in mint condition (ie fabic intact and all wheels accounted for). A janitor - or some guy in a green jumpsuit - was standing nearby. I asked why they were trashing all of these nice chairs. His reply was that the office was remodeling, and the fabic would not match the new scheme. I said "so they really are throwing all of these nice chairs away". He said "want some help getting one out". Hurrah! We fished out one (although I was thinking about grabbing a few so I could sell the spares on craig's list or something) and I rolled it back to my apartment. Granted I only lived two blocks from this place, but it was fun to see all the looks of bewilderment that people gave me when I rolled by. Now all I need is a table to round out all of my furniture requirements.


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