Monday, October 09, 2006

Its a bird, a plane, no a pyscho roommate

Okay no pictures this weekend because I left my camera at home. Sigh. I did see a sign for Dykes Lumber which I thought was funny. Yes I am that immature, but I figured what would Dykes know about wood anyway. Okay, back to the weekend recap. I started out Saturday morning with a run in the park. Big mistake. There is a race in the park every Saturday and Sunday. I tried to blend into the masses, but had to cut out early to get ready for my packed day. I met a fellow Nebraksan for Brunch. I went to high school with her, sort-of (she was two years younger but her brother was the same age as me). Anyway, it was great to catch up and see a friendly face. Oh and of course we got the latest gossip from our small town (via the mom grapevine). I was meeting Jordan Steele at his new apartment to watch the UT/OU game and listen to the KSU/OSU football game. Serous multitasking. FYI, Jordan is a former roommate from college. I am sure I have mentioned funny stories involving the famous dynamic duo of Brandon and Jordan. I am thrilled he has moved up here!

Before heading over there, I had about two hours to kill. I spent them wandering the streets and exploring the neighborhood. Much to my surprise, I found the salvation army. Okay, those who know me, know that I love thrif store shopping. It is HUGE! One floor of this massive warehouse was full of coats (wool, leather, fur, etc). This past weekend they were having a coat sale where wool coats were $5, leather $10, fur $20 etc. I have wanted a full-length duster wool coat in camel, and now I have one! Hurrah. The drycleaning bill will be more than the coat. Anyway, I looked at the massive furniture selection, and they had prime stuff. I picked out this L-shaped coffee table/entertainment center and they even sent a guy with me to hand deliver it to my place for free. I'll try to snap some pictures for the next post.

I proceeded to Jordan's one room studio that he shares with a girl stranger. We decided to listen to the game there since I don't have internet at home. Plus, I wanted to see how you can share a one-room studio with another person (bunk beds?). Well his roommate seemed normal at first, that is until she told me about her work in energy. She had crsytals on the window legde so that the moon could clense them. Plus she takes in stray dogs to work "energy" on them. Poor Jordan. It was hard to keep a straight face when she got talking. I didn't know how he felt until we got pizza (and laundry) during half-time. That is when he blurted out "she is f-ing pyscho". Sad, but at least you can't beat the rent.

Okay, hopefully the next post will be more exciting since I was pretty lame this past weekend.


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