Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oh no she didn't

Another weekend, another great set of stories. I flew back to Nebraska on Thursday afternoon to visit my family and attend the wedding of a high-school friend (Tina Kula). I show up at the NY airport (LaGuardia), and our flight is delayed 1-hour. I walked the terminal and was eying a donut or pretzel or something to curb my appetite, but decided not to since I was planning on catching a meal at the Chicago airport during my layover. Well we boarded the flight, strapped on our seat belts, and waited. Evidently, there was a storm system to the West and they would not let any west-bound flights take-off. So we sat on the runway (in our seats since it was an “active taxi”) for THREE HOURS. The really sad part is that they would not serve us water or peanuts because they would run out for the flight. The one good thing is that we were allowed to use our cell phones. I decided to return phone calls. One was from the Lindsey boy (see previous entries). When I called him, he said “well I am surprised you returned my call, since I read your blog”. (Dramatic gasp!!!!) Oops, quite awkward since I talked about our date and how I was not attracted to him (I can’t figure out why since he is such a 10). Being the great guy that he is (again, absolutely perfect in every way), he took it in stride and laughed it off. We decided to stay friends and keep in contact so that he could visit NY and we could do tourist things together (yeah new sight-seeing buddy). Please, any single girls contact me if you want to be set up with this guy.

Originally, I had a one hour lay-over in Chicago on my way to Omaha. The Chicago-Omaha flight was supposed to take off at 7:55pm. If memory served me right, the last flight out to Omaha was around 10pm. The NY flight landed in Chicago around 10:10. As soon as the “dong” went off to allow us to get out of our seats, I hauled to the front of the plane. I was pushing people out of the way determined to make that last flight. Another guy had the same idea because he was right alongside me. As soon as the door opened, we mad dashed to the nearest display. I scanned the flights, and the 10pm flight to Omaha had been canceled! Ugh, I was going to be stuck in Chicago for the night. I was dialing Ryan (Chicago friend who I could crash on the couch of) when I noticed the 7:55pm flight (my original flight) was “delayed”! I ran over to the counter, and the lady informed me the flight would not leave until 11pm! Whoo hoo! Actually the people around me were not amused that I was happy the flight was delayed because they had been waiting at the airport since 6pm. The unfortunate thing was that all shops at Midway airport close at 9 or 9:30. Here I am starving (no food since noon) and sucking on each piece of gum for the precious calories. I called my parents and told them to bring some food when they come pick me up from the airport (oh and to bring some nail clippers since I broke off my toe nail running in the terminal….ouch). Right on schedule, sort of, the plane arrived at 11pm. The flight crew was still in Baltimore, so we were stuck waiting again. Finally they arrived at 12:30am and we got into Omaha at 2am.

Thankfully, the weekend got much better. I treated myself to the Pride and Prejudice DVD (new one with Keira Knightley). Although my friend Allison says it is not as good as the BBC miniseries, I still considered it one of my top ten movies. Go rent it. Also on the romantic move, I attended Tina Kula’s wedding. She is the last of my high school friends to get married. Here are some pictures of her and her groom Sam (total hottie). I guess the Polish tradition (note I did not know Tina was Polish) is for the men to break a chair. A bridesmaid (cannot remember her name) and I didn’t know if they were going to lift Tina up in the chair and then break it or throw down or whatever. They actually just each grabbed a leg and pulled it apart wishbone style. Anyway, the number of pieces indicate how many children they will have. And the total was…..ten! However, three of the pieces were quite small, so Tina concluded she was going to have a group of midgets. Another Polish tradition is singing this one song and putting an apron on the bride. I don’t know how classy we looked, but the bridesmaid and I got on camera booing that part and giving it a thumbs down. As the night went on, Tina’s mom I think was buzzing. She kept asking me to tell her a joke. Luckily I have a half dozen “mom friendly” jokes (like a fish swam into a concrete wall and said damn, etc). I love it when old people get tipsy.


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