Monday, October 16, 2006

Why was the floor all slippery

The weekend was packed full of exciting much so that I have to split up the posts. Here is a recap of Friday. I spent the work day at the project office coordinating with the Architects. Note I am temp working in another engineering firm's office until our space in the project office is complete. Anyway, the place is amazing (top floor, view of the city and Hudson river, very high slanted ceilings, etc) and has a great view. I'll post a picture of the view next time since I forgot my camera. After work, I met up with the Lindsey boy who is now my tourist buddy. We were going to play squash (racket sport very similar to racketball) but the non member fee to play would cost us $65 for 30-45 minutes. Not worth it. On our way back from the sports club, I accidently turned down 46th. We decided to keep walking down it since it looked like restaurant row. We popped into one place that advertised 80 different kinds of imported beer. Turns out, they have this device called a "beer tower" which is basically a giant cylinder with a tap. It holds 6 beers and is placed right on your table. After one hardy meal and one beer tower later, we headed off to a pub in the West Village called "the spotted pig". The main attraction at the place is cask beer. I strongly recommend those who have not experienced cask beer yet to try it out. It is hand pumped and therefore does not have that fizzy carbonated taste to it. Very good. While at the pub, I met two Sweedish boys in line to the bar. Turns out they were visiting a cousin who left them to head back to her apartment (note this was around 10pm). Lindsey and I took them under our wings since they were only 19 and 20 (realitively easy to get served since I rarely get carded....wait am I starting to look old?). We bar hopped in the West Village (or possibly around the NYU area since we seemed to be walking forever). We told the boys to just start talking Sweedish to any bouncers with the hope that the bouncer would just wave them in (totally worked). The last place of the evening was a fun club with a dancefloor upstairs. While dancing (they had the Killers Mr. Brightside playing, how could I resist), Lindsey noticed the dance floor felt slick. Turns out someone puked on the dance floor and we had stepped in it. Soooooo gross. I gag now while writing about it. We even had to clean it out of the treads of our shoes. Yuck! That ended the evening for us.


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