Monday, October 30, 2006

Lost in Translation

Yet another chapter in the Chronical. Sadly it is not as exciting as last weeks double douse of strippers and beer festivals. On Thursday, Phil, Farrell and I went to a couple of bars in the battery park district (Red Star and Prey). They were going away/retiring parties for people Phil works with. To describe it in one word....DUDES. I swear it was the biggest gathering of dudes ever outside some party at the playboy mansion. Great for me since I was wearing my pretty pink shoes (okay they don't match anything really, but they make me happy). Later, Farrell and I visited Marshall at work (aka running the karoke at Asylum). Okay, I know I cannot sing, but boy someone should have told these girls! I kept giving Marshall the "my God, my ears are bleeding look" and he tried to drown them out with the background music. The place was pretty dead until Farrell belted out the crowd pleaser Journey's "don't stop believing". I swear people stopped on the street and came in to sing along to that song.

Friday consisted of a nighttime cheap bar hopping on the upper west side with Ali, Farrell, and Josh. We found a place right by the park that served $3 PBR cans. Also, we all took turns talking to the drunk dialing Marshall in the pouring rain. The high point was Farrell's 4:30am voice mail message about a homeless man who was having arguments with an imaginary person. Evidently, the homeless guy tried to talk to Farrell on the train (to which Farrell ignored) and ended up following him when he transfered trains at Times Square. Scary. I probably would have started talking to my imaginary friend who would be bigger and badder than the homeless guy's friend. Sample conversation..."Marvin, don't you get that look in your eye, you know what happened last time, I'm not hiding another body...."

I went on a walking tour of New York on Saturday. I stopped by the south street seaport area (essentially an outdoor mall) to see the "Bodies" exhibit at the museum. I missed it when that show came thru Chicago, and my friends said it was a must see. Anyway, I didn't end up seeing it because the waiting line was close to an hour (I'll see it on a weekday instead to beat the tourist crowd). I decided to walk thru Chinatown since A) I've never seen it, and B) it was nearby. I felt a little out of place being the only non-asian person on the streets, but the signs cracked me up. You know how sometimes things litterally translated may not sound right in the other language. I was going to take pics of the signs, but thought it would be rude. Thankfully I got one picture off because it was "architectually interesting". Make sure to tell all the perverts that BJ's in Chinatown are only 99 cents.

Later that day I went Halloween costume shopping. It is a crime that I had not found one yet since it is my favorite holiday. I stopped by the Goodwill hoping to pick up something random. I ended up finding a cute mini-dress that looked like a go-go girl costume. The sad thing is that I would wear the dress when it was not Halloween. The Halloween party was full of really good costumes (I looooove Halloween!). I saw a group of six Umpa-Loompas (sp), a guy in a furry shark costume, Moses, Jesus (with a cross on his back going to burn for that one), Danny and Sandy from Grease, Indians, Pirates, etc. Of course, the holiday is also dubbed as "dress like a ho day" for girls. I saw sooooo much T&A. Like in the Mean Girls movie, many girl costumes were underwear and animal ears. Here are some pics from the party. Farrell is Joe Dirt. Josh Sturgis is a guy from NJ (totally love the pant suit/jogging suit). Josh (Farrell's friend) was a mad scientist. And me, blonde wig and red dress (question mark costume).


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