Wednesday, October 11, 2006

hidden channels

I have previously lamented about my loss of cable. More speficially, the loss of certain channels (bravo) that carry my guilty pleasure shows (project runway). Well last night was a night full of surprises. I had always thought it was strange that I get the basics (abc, nbc, cbs, telemundo, public access, etc) plus the food network channel and TBS. After briefly surfing the 80+ available channels (most of them static or home shopping network), I decided I had the basics plus a few rouge channels. Anyway, in a moment of shear luck, I accidently typed in 98 instead of 05 (nbc) and discovered it was the Bravo channel. Hurrah!!!!! My tv channels usually stop at 85 and go back to 02 when surfing. I decided there may be other hidden channels, so spent the next 30 minutes typing in each succession of channels (85, 86, 87, 88, etc). I found ten other channels (mostly foreign) including Cinimax. Talk about assorted lot!


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