Monday, October 16, 2006

So hot its on FIRE!

This is part two (Saturday) of the massive adventure weekend. I was abruptly woken up Saturday morning by very loud rap music. I looked outside to see that a street fair was happening on my street (8th ave). I love street fairs because they have all sorts of relatively cheap crap and lots of food like crepes, mozzarella sammies, fresh fruit, etc. I headed down because I was in need of a casual $5 pasmenia (spelling?) shawl for the upcoming chill. I walked past an art booth with some of the most amazing amateur oils on canvas I have ever seen. The artist's work mostly consisted of architecture, buildings, city views, etc which are my taste. To describe the style, it was a cross between Van Gough, Cezanne, and Monet. I couldn't resist picking up a truely awesome (in my opinion) scene of New York. It is huge and the pictures of it do not do it justice. Hence another reason why friends should visit me in the city now.

That evening, I showed up at the KSU watch party being held at the Nebraska bar (because the KSU bar would not carry the PPV game). An hour before kickoff, the place was packed with over a hundred red shirt wearing Nebraska fans and three KSU people huddled together directly in front of the TV. Eventually our number inreased to 10. The sad thing was that the refs were totally calling the game in KSU's favor (I was embarassed because the calls were soooo bad) and we were still loosing. Actually that was probably a good thing because if we were winning, the place could turn ugly (we were vastly outnumbered). Here is a pic of the TV prior to kickoff. Either it is a cruel joke on the accent (Nabraska?) or they need to fire the proofreading editor at PPV.

After the game, the crew headed out to a karoke bar on 17th & 5th ave. Seriously, what is up with people and singing. This is the second time since I have been up here that everyone wanted to go karoke singing. The cab ride over was fun because we packed three guys (Farell, Nick, and Marshall) and one girl in the back. There was some "dude your hand is on my thigh" guy on guy stuff happening. Okay, I am the first to admit I cannot sing, cannot carry a tune in a bucket, my voice wilts flowers, etc. I resorted to backup vocals for REM's end of the world as we know it song. However, I think I may have taken the paint off the walls bad. Sorry to all those who were subjected to it. Anyway, I was quite impressed with Marshall's singing (very good) and later found out he works at a karoke bar (well that figures). It was a really fun time, and I even threw out a boy in the girls restroom WWF style (hey I wait for no man).

After belting out tunes for two hours, the gang split up and dispersed for the night. My click (yes I am still that immature) of Farell, Nick, and Marshall took another guy on guy cab down to the financial district (very southern tip of Manhattan). The streets are amazing down there, and they remind me of old town Europe with the cobblestones and narrow crooked feel. Anyway, the financial district is full of wall street men. Surprise, surprise, the bar was full of men. Good for me, bad for the boys. I think they counted a total of four girls in the entire place. The lone highlight of the bar was when I leaned over to order a drink and my hair caught on FIRE! You should have seen the look on all their faces. No worries, only a little of my hair actually burned (but it was enough to make the area smell like burnt hair). You cannot even tell, but I think that is a sign that I should stop by the barbers soon. He he he, thinking about it makes me laugh. Hope everyone enjoyed that little adventure. Until next week.......


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