Monday, December 18, 2006

Oh my Lord!

A week full of holiday parties = funny blog entries. Thursday night was the holiday party for the New York office. I was looking forward to the party because it was being held at a super swanky and trendy club in the meat packing district. As soon as I walked in, a waiter handed me a glass of champaign with pink cane sugar around the rim of the glass. Now a perk of working with a London based Architecture firm is working with British accents. It doesn't help when these people are trying to be serious in a meeting and the way they talk makes me want to giggle. The owner/founder of the London Architecture firm is this guy Lord Richard Roberts. My first question was "is Lord his first name?". They told me that he is one of the top 10 most infulential Architects in the 20th century. Now I have never heard of him, but I guess his resume is ridiculously good. He was knighted by the Queen and then later upgraded to Lord something of something else. Anyway, a silver fox approached my little group at the party. One guy greeted the man "well hello sir" to which another guy corrected him and said "I think it is Lord instead". The man was good humored and said "no no no, it is Richard". Being the hot young piece that I am (ha ha ha) he leaned over and asked in his awesome British accent "could I trouble you for a dance?". I practically squealed like a little girl. So now I have the "I danced with the Lord" story to add to my "been there, done that" list. Boy am I using finger quotes a lot in this entry. After the official party ended, around 15 co-workers piled into Lord Richard's limo and we sped off to another bar in SoHo. The two Spainards I work with stood up out of the skylight and started yelling things in spanish to passers by. Unfortunately, that bar was a bit of a blur but I do recall trying to play pool before cabbing over to visit Marshall at work (the benefit of having a boyfriend who works at a late night bar). I must have had a good time dancing since my hip hurt like heck the next morning. Sadly there are no pictures to document the party.


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