Monday, November 27, 2006

Park View and Chicago

Okay the Friday, Saturday, Sunday of the Thanksgiving holiday break was full of events. Mostly consisting of shopping and sightseeing, but hey isn't that what is expected. My mother and I slept in (again) the day after Thanskgiving. We didn't hit the sales until 10am, but it was still beyond crowded out on the streets. We stopped in Macy's only to say we have been there. It was total chaos there with masses of people moving like a churning river. Luckily we did a quick in and out without loosing a limb or eye. We took a break from the shopping to catch the Broadway show Chicago. Granted it was a 2:00pm show on the day after Thanksgiving, but the theatre was only half full. The good thing is that our seats got upgraded (twice) to fill in the lower tier gaps. I would like to think that the theatre was only half full because the show SUCKED! Seriously, they had Huey Louis (from HL and the news 80's band) as the Billy Flynn lawyer. His dancing was like watching an old man listening to P-diddy and the voice must have been left in the dressing room. Plus, the overall dancing, singing, acting, etc in the movie adaptation was twenty times better. Afterwards, we checked shopped at street venders in SoHo and finished with night-time pictures of Times Square. Here is a picture of my mom taking pictures in Times Square.

Saturday was the best day overall. The weather was 60 degrees and sunny. We started with a bike rickshaw (pedicab) tour of Central Park. Here are some pics from our tour. We then ate at the swanky Boathouse cafe (express cafe where you can get two top quality meals for less than $15). Following the meal, we walked down the infamous 5th Ave. to window shop. Basically we took pictures of eachother in front of various storefronts. We stopped at Rockafeller center to visit the "top of the Rock" obeservation deck. What a view! Here are some pics of the park, the city (looking downtown/south), and the statue of liberty (small but noted) from the observation decks. Oh and a picture of my mom (I couldn't resist). On the way back to my apartment, we passed Studio 54 which is now an off-broadway theatre (I think). Oh well.

Sunday, I took my mom back to the airport. Here is a picture of us at the airport. We actually asked some of the armed guards to take the picture, but they said they couldn't because of their massive AK-47 guns (huge!).


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