Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hey....I thought we would get Hugs

Ride the tide of purple pride. Still remember that phrase from college homecoming only because the sorority made us chant it for five days straight. We also made a song and t-shirt around it. Silly sorority girls. Anyway, another shot of college pride. A huge group of NYC KSU alumns took the train to New Jersey to watch the alma mata play Rugters in mens basketball. There was an estimate that 70 purple shirts showed up. As the visiting team, they of course they gave us seats waaaaaaay up in the back. Seriously, we were two rows from the top. Some friend or brother or something of a guy there said we were shown on ESPN only because there was this huge purple blob in the crappiest seats available. The whole gang (Sturgis, Ali, Marshall, Farrell, and Bethany) was there, so that made for a very obnoxious train ride out. Wait that was the booze. Evidently, you can drink on the train.......gotta love Jersey. Bethany and Marshall struck up a Mock-ya-ing-ya-bird duo which made us the most hated group on the train. Sad there was not a bathroom within a mile after we arrived at the station. I'll have to get the picture from Farrell, but Marshall decided to relieve himself on the Rugters sign. Due to the shear size of the KSU group in attendance, we were supposed to get a photo with the head coach Bob Huggins (hence a lot of huggie and hugs references all night) for the K-Stater magizine (that is if we won, otherwise he would be busy chewing the team out). We won and headed over to the designated area. When the coach appeared, he was hip to hip with some ESPN writer that all the boys recognized (okay writers never get recognized, so this guy must mean business). Sadly with ESPN on one hand and 70 fans on the other, Huggs walked right by without a pause. Oh well, time to drink.

After returning to Manhattan (NY not KS.....enough with the Wizzard of OZ jokes alright) we hit a dive bar located at the bus station that advertised beer, free hotdogs, skiball, and bikinis. The boys were disappointed that bikinis was actually a drink name. A few whiskey and 7's, and Marshall hit a high of 60 points on the skiball (honestly we didn't think it was humanly possible to get a score that low). Not much more excitement except for the homeless guy who tried to take my beer when I was in the restroom.


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