Monday, December 11, 2006

French Films and Unexplained Trees

The weekend started off full throttle with a movie premier down in SoHo. Farrell said it would be a swanky affair with around 10 grand spent on the after party. Of course, Farrell padded the comp guest list with his friends. The only downside is that we had to watch the movie in order to enjoy the free top shelf liquor and gourmet food later. None of us knew what the movie would be about, but since the director also did movies like the 5th element and the Transporter, we figured it couldn't be that bad. WRONG! The movie was in black & white and FRENCH! Granted there was subtitles, but the whole story line was a total bust. Afterwards Farrell said that was 96 minutes of his life he couldn't get back and Ali proceeded to riddicule it all night. Thankfully, the after party more than made up for it. Here are some pictures of us enjoying the night out (I guess I enjoyed it too much and had to be carried home....I guess I can't hold my martini's). Ali was also in rare form.

Saturday morning came with two surprises. My doorman called me down and told me my deliveries had arrived. To my shock, there was a huge Christmas tree and a 4' diameter poinsetta plant waiting for me in the lobby. Now I didn't order a tree so I told him that it wasn't mine. In fact the name on the packing slip was "Boss" not "Bose". Turns out there was no Boss on the tenant list, no apartment number on the slip, and my name was the closest match. Therefore, I inherited one large tree and plant. He insisted that it was blocking the small lobby and that I must take it up to my apartment. My mistake for thinking he would help carry the monster plants, but nooooo. He simply shoved them in the elevator and pushed the button. Once I got to my floor, I pulled one of those leave the leg in the elevator door while trying to push the plants off. I am sure it was quite funny watching me wrestle with the leaves while the elevator door kept slamming into me. After a few phone calls to whoever may have sent me a tree (parents, etc), I realized it surely is not mine. I left a note with the doorman to let anyone know I have their tree and plant. Luckily, the girlfriend of a tenant (Jackie Boss, her name wasn't on the lease and therefore she doesn't exist) sought me out and I only had to baby sit the plants one day.

Later, I stopped by the Korean tailer/dry cleaner who was fixing a dress for me. Nothing says go on a diet fatty like a small Korean woman pushing and pinching your fatty midsection around while yelling in Korean to her assistant. Seriously, she would talk for a minute and then the assistant would say "she say make smaller" and point to your waist. I'm thinking, there is no way that is only what she said. Oh well, the bright side was the sign on the deli next door. Yes I am that immature.


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