Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Comics, magic, and zombies

Where else but New York City would you have an insane Tuesday night. Farrell, Bethany, her sister, her sister's friend, and I caught a comic showcase at Carolines (51st & Broadway). Bethany's sister's boyfriend was taking part of the showcase. Sadly, in the group of 10, he was over shadowed by the big names in attendance. Not only did I recognize a lot of the comic (either TV shows or Comedy central specials) but the final two people were Jim Gaffigan and Darrell Hammond. I couldn't place Jim at first. Farrell was listing all the movies and tv shows he has been in, but it was the Sierra Mist commercial that made me go "ooooooh yeaaaaah, I recognize him". Darrell was super drunk! I mean couldn't get thru a set drunk. The bad thing is that he was an active drunk. I tried to get a good picture, but the fucker kept darting around. Oh well.

After Carolines, we went to a bar/theatre down on 11th & 1st ave to watch Bethany in a show. She was a "plant" which means (I had to have her explain this entertainment industry lingo to me) she pretends to watch the show but has heckling lines pre-arranged by the artist. The show was a "one-woman" thing. Basically the girl played funny songs on her guitar and transitioned between songs with the aide of the plants. Farrell and I were joking about us two being the only two people in the audience who were not plants. Seriously, everyone was in this show. I knew Bethany had an interaction with a homeless man actor because I helped her reherse her lines in the cab. I was really impressed with the homeless guy actor in the audience. He had the long, stringy, haven't bathed in six years hair and the homeless guy hearty laugh (heh heh heh). Much to my surprise, he was not a plant but an actual homeless guy!!!! Whoops. Didn't realize that until the homeless guy sketch was done with a different actor. Oh well, the show was really good. The singer's songs were either very funny or extremely uncomfortable (kind of like the new Borat movie). Her favorite topic of choice was her p*ssy (which I will refer to as "basketball" for the remainder of the post because that word freaks me out). The opening was a music video that actually was removed from U-tube (whatever that is). The title was "my basketball is magic", and the video had animated basketballs and unicorns (not a code word, actual unicorns) in the background. The rest of the songs were about strange festishes (one was dump on my face, pee in my mouth......okay it was funny in person but absolutely disgusting in writing), nicknames for her basketball, boyfriends, etc. The closer was an animated cartoon titled "if have no talent and want to be famous, kill someone famous". Yep kind of a rip off of Sara Silverman (notice the correlation of "Jeasus is magic" with "my basketball is magic") but still really funny in person. Worth the $5 and I hear she is taping for HBO next week.

After leaving the theatre, we ran into a crowd of zombies in the bar! Hey people it was before midnight so I was confused. Evidently they were filming a zombie movie or video at the bar after the show. Go figure. Maybe the show girl coudl write a song about zombie basketballs and how it would sound like a kid rubbing his hand over a balloon.


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