Thursday, November 30, 2006

Reality and Reality TV

Quick post. Today at work they had a free lunch. Normally in engineering firms, the free lunch is accompanied by an hour long technical seminar about the latest and greatest....snooze (yep boring). Well one of the Architecture firms on this project (the British one that makes me giggle when talking to its employees) was hosting the lunch and insisted that everyone attend. Now I crack jokes about architects being flakes, etc, but this occurance totaly solidified their sterotype. The technical seminar consisted of watching the documentary "An Inconveinent Truth" done by Al Gore. I am thinking, "are you kidding, this is a movie, not a factual seminar that will help us make informed decisions". Okay, I won't go on about the pitfalls of the movie (in fact I left half way thru so I could do real work), but next time I recommend Borat or Super Troopers for the lunchtime matinee.

On a different note, my friend Farrell accidently proposed to his girlfriend of one month (ONE MONTH). He said something like, "yeah, I see myself married to you"....which his girlfriend took as "will you marry me as soon as possible". Actually the girl is a total adorable doll and you cannot help but love her (actually she is quite petite and I have the greatest urge to pick her up and put her in my pocket). Anyway, she is into acting and while scanning the open auditions for tv, she came across a new reality tv show. It is some kind of race to the alter thing where the network will organize and pay for their entire wedding in Vegas. She sent in an application and now they are getting interviewed! Hilarious, but not giving the "slow down buddy" signal we are trying to send.


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