Monday, December 04, 2006

37 pieces of flair

Short post since the weekend practically consisted of watching TV on the couch. I call it my winter pre-hybernation prep (hey is was cold here.....not nearly as much as Chicago). Friday night, I met Nick, Farrell, Bethany, Marshall, and Bethany's sister & friends out at this Trailer Park bar in Chelsea. Seriously, this place had a real trailer inside the bar. The place was decked out in so much flair from the signs, pregnat maniquins, and drinks. The occasion was to celebrate Bethany's birthday (I think 24 or something) and her lead in a possible super bowl comercial. The comercial is for Doritos chips and we tried to get her to smuggle us some back. Mmmmmn cheesey goodness. Farrell ordered a $26 drink and boy did it not dissappoint. It came in a real pinapple and had so much flair that it was almost un-drinkable (pity). Actually, the liquor they filled it up with was quite strong and that one drink alone polished off Farrell for the night. Later Marshall and I got a nightcap at Nick's downtown apartment. This was seriously the nicest apartment (lobby, apartment, hallway, roof-top terrace, etc) I have yet to see in New York. Can I say possible new years eve party? The night was rounded out with drunken food purchases (Cheetos, nachos, gatoraide, and a Dr. Pepper).


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