Monday, November 13, 2006

Round One: Lindsay - 1, Beeehatch - 0

Saturday night was filled with many celebration shots, but I have still managed to piece together the majority of events. The gang all met at the Ship of Fools bar Saturday evening to watch the Kansas State vs Texas college football game. Early in the first half, KSU tried to fake a punt and of course it went sour and was run back for a touchdown. Sigh. Typical of KSU this season since our defense is better at scoring and the offense has troubles getting the ball in when we are on the 1-yard line. We were still within reach at halftime, so it was looking better and better. There was a table of KU fans/grads nearby that kept routing for Texas (or more likely against KSU). We started chants like "you're on probation" and "guy on your drill team" (yep the tv showed the lone guy in spandex on their dance squad). That shut them up. Then third quater came around and we blew them away. Seriously, how exciting would it be for your barely bowl eligible team puts a hurting on with a 3 touchdown lead on the number 4 ranked team in the nation!!! The KSU crowd was going crazy at the bar. We kept singing the fight song and someone even got up on a chair to do the K-S-U chant (sooo haven't done that since college). My hands hurt the next day from the high fives and hugs all around. Fourth quarter was tense when we watched our huge lead shrink to next to nothing. With 20 seconds left, we needed a first down to keep possesion of the ball (because Texas only needed a field goal to tie and our momentum may not last into an OT). When the ref gave us a generous spot for the 1-down, the crowd erupted!

Time to celebrate. We headed further south on the Upper East side to a bar called Mo's Cantena (??) becase Sturgis's friend was bartending (= free drinks). They also had beer pong tables. Ali, Steph, her husband, and I all went over to the beer pong table to watch Sturgis and Joel play. They were up against a guy and girl team. The girl had a mouth on her and would not stop ranting at them (mostly belittling their pong skills, etc). Finally, the boys had enough and picked up their remaining cups and started drinking them after telling her "ooops, I guess we win". She yelled out to them "you f-ing p-ssys, you gonna forefit, huh, you losers!" Sturgis replied "you crazy bitch!". She then ran over to the other side, lunged at him, and took a swing. Now Sturgis is 6'-5", 275lbs, so she had some serious aggression. He caught her fist in the air and pushed her away (not shoved, just got her out of striking distance because he is a gentleman). He ended up pushing her back into me. No worries since I was just enjoying my full beer. She then yelled (more to rally support on her side) "did he just call me a bitch?" Before I knew it, I said back to her "yeah, you crazy bitch!" Ooops, she did not like that. She spun around and open handed slapped me across the face (then next morning I noticed she left a small finger nail cut on my cheek). There was a collective gasp in the surrounding crowd. The next part is according to Joel. He said I calmly turned around, set down my full beer, and then clocked the girl in the face. I punched the girl square in the face! She went down! Immediately, Sturgis and Joel grabbed me and her pong partner picked her up. She grabbed a drink and flung it at me yelling "oh you bitch, come back here, you going to run away, etc". Luckily the boys restrained me because I guess I was shouting back "oh you want some more, come on!" I asked Joel to get my beer and then I drank it (why waste beer on a crazy girl). The bouncer came by and told us that we had to leave. I semi protested saying that she hit me first. He said "yeah, that was a good shot, but we have a policy that both parties have to go". He escorted her out first and then gave us a five minute grace period so we wouldn't be on the streets together. Ali went around to my KSU friends and told them that we needed to leave because I "dropped a girl". Joel, his girlfriend, and I waited outside while everyone collected their stuff. When they exited, Ali and Sturgis lifted me up on their shoulders yelling "the undisputed lightweight champion". We celebrated with many shots at some other bar on 92 and 2nd before calling it a night. Okay, I am not a fighter, but I can't help be proud of the result of my one and only fight. He he he. Sad there are no pictures, but my friend Ryan said he would draw up an animation to accompany this post. Till next time......


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