Monday, December 18, 2006

Back in Chicago

I was looking forward to Friday because I would be A) heading back to Chicago for the first time since moving up here and B) attending the Primera (my company) holiday party. Things didn’t start out on the right foot because the plane was delayed and I was babysitting two incapable adults. We finally touched down and had enough time to see the remodeled office and change for the party. Aside from a little drama with the seating arrangements, the party was to be expected. I highly recommend butternut squash ravioli….mmmmmnn. I took my friend Ryan as my plus one since he was letting me crash on his couch. He and I instituted the European way of eating (eating the hot food first and then finishing it off with a salad). I don’t know if it actually is a real method of eating, but it justified us not waiting to dig into the entrees. Several drinks and no dancing later (sad since last year I caught a few excellent pictures of Josh and Scott getting down) the young kids (and Belczak, ha ha ha) headed out to a nearby bar. I don’t know how, but I ended up with a single glove on my lap. By that time, the group was pretty buzzed and therefore Ryan and I declared it to be a magic glove full of witchcraft. I ended up placing it as the tree topper on the nearby Christmas tree (hey it seemed really funny at the time).


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