Thursday, November 09, 2006

Art and Hillbillies

Quick post. I went to a movie screening last night with Farrell and his new girl Bethany. It was a documentary called "Who the fuck is Jackson Pollock". Basically a truck driving, white trash, old lady bought a painting at a thrift store for $5. After she decided it was too ugly to keep (she wanted to give it to a friend be she also thought it was ugly) she put it in a garage sale. An art teacher stopped by and said that she may very well have a Jackson Pollock painting. Now this guy's artwork has recently sold for $150 million dollars!!! There is more to the saga (small town hillbillies against the elite WASPsy art community of NY) but I will not spoil it. The first line sold me. The old lady said "most stories start out with a once apon a time. Trucker stories start out are not going to believe this shit." Ha ha ha. Afterwards we met the real life people at a mixer where they were proceeding to get hammered. Evidently, the old lady and her white trash kids drank whiskey water all day yesterday and were too drunk to do interviews.


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