Friday, October 20, 2006

Ride 'em Cowboy!

Anywhere else in the country, it would be a typcial Thursday night. In New York City, you watch male strippers in a local bar. I met Phil (friend of my Chicago friend Josh) and his coworkers at a Battery Park (27th & 3rd) bar called Rodeo. At 7:45, the waitress informed us that we had to move to another area because a bachelorette party was coming at 8:00. She then told us that the male stripper was coming at 9:00. Since there were no walls in place, the group was able to move to a spot 10 feet away but will a full view of the area. We mused about what the stripper would look like, what he would do, etc. One guy offered up that the stripper should be a pizza boy that asks the girls "who ordered the extra sausage". I predicted a cowboy with ass-less chaps because the bar was cowboy themed. Now in my experience (Kansas mind you) the male strippers were not hot at all. Therefore I was plesantly surprised to see a quite yummy COWBOY in cut off jean shorts, boots, and vest leaning up against the railing. Okay take a moment to laugh about his outfit (gay or stripper?). He did not disappoint! Phil and I laughed our asses off watching him molest the women and strut around in his man thong. By the end of the show, I had captured a dozen pictures and he was almost naked covered in man sweat. I give Phil the utlimate friend award for watching a male stripper with me.


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