Monday, September 18, 2006

KSU Germanfest

Saturday was chocked full of stuff, so hopefully I can do it justice. The day started with the KSU vs Marsall football game watch party at a bar on the upper east side (I have been hanging out in that area a lot lately). Beforehand, I knew one person (Kellee Miller - one half of the Miller twins) who would be there. Thankfully, there were three other unexpected friendly faces there when I arrived. Yeah, I am not alone here. Anyway we watched the game (fyi KSU won) and the whole group headed out to a German bar at 7th st & C (East Village / Alphabet soup neighborhood). I guess Saturday was the first day of Octoberfest in Munich (hmm little early I think). The place was full of German (or at least German speaking) people in leiderhousen (sp) and other traditional clothing. I took a picture of two little kids because they looked so cute in their costumes. Anyway, we were drinking from steins and singing along to the German songs (actually I just bobbed up and down and only chimed in on 99 red balloons). I saw the cutest, most wholesome looking guy enter the bar (very similar looking to Andy Rodick the tennis player). I turned to my college friend Abrey (same sorority) and told her I wanted to hunt him (me being the man preditor that I am). Well I should not have said that to her because she is one of the most spontaneous and outgoing people I know. Pretty soon, she zoomed off towards him with me in tow. She tapped him on the shoulder and said 'Hello I am Aubrey'. He said 'Lindsey'. I did a double take and checked my hearing to see if Aubrey introduced me as well. Nope, his name is Lindsey (note the E not A which is masucline). We immeadiately started talking and Aubrey flitted away (her work being done). He said he was in visiting the city with his friends for the day. He was by himself because he took the early train to get some shopping in (no, not gay). Anyway, he was looking for some schnitzle (sp) and wanted to find a German bar. He said he was 28 and attending grad school in New Jersey. I asked what school because I only know one that my friend Burg went to. Princeton! Oh and he was studying computer science (okay maybe I am the only girl to admit that computer nerds are attractive). I am thinking, what is the catch because he can't just be cute, educated, and have the best name ever. (record scratch) CANADIAN! Those who don't know the back story, my fun friend Allison Ruston and I waged a war between USA and Canada at Kara Davis's (now Hermann) wedding. Kara was marrying a Canadian, so there was a healthy mix of the two nations in attendance. Allison said at our table "so if you guys are all here, then who is running Canada" which was not taken lightly by the Canadians. Anyway, the evening set back USA/Canada relations by at least ten years.

Back to the story........A window of opportunity opened when I could be alone with Lindsey (the guy). I had to leave around 6pm to change and get ready for a Housewarming party being thrown by Hillary (a friend of a friends). I was using the party to meet people in the city. His friends had finally arrived at Penn Station and we decided to share a cab since the train station is on the way to my apartment. My KSU friends were telling me to seal the deal (still in cheerleading football like form) so I racked my brain for an excuse to kiss the boy (how bizzare would that be to kiss someone with the same name...vain but interesting). We were a block away from the station when I blurted out "would it be wrong if I asked for a good night kiss" (hey I had to do something since this boy was timid as a lamb). Yeah!!!!!! I have still got it. Hopefully I'll have more Lindsay/Lindsey stories to share later.


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