Sunday, September 17, 2006

No pictures please

Hold on to your chairs because this will be one massive post. My super fun friend Gwendolyn, from Chicago, has been visiting this past week. She has been staying with a very good college friend who lives in the Upper East Side (side note: the upper east side is so full of cute restaurants and boutiques). I was fortunate to meet her friend, Hillary, and now I know three people in the city. Anyway, Hillary was starting a new job that has very long hours. Good news to me because I got to spend lots of time with Gwendolyn.

One afternoon we went running in central park. On the way there, we saw a bum without any pants on. Strange, but hey it was quite warm outside. Twice she and I tried to travel to the top of the Empire state building, but both days it was pouring rain and had zero visibility.

On Friday afternoon we went to the MET. Boy is that place HUGE! Do to time constraints, we eliminated some exhibits and narrowed the field down to one half of the museum. Here are some pictures I took. One is of an ancient Egyptian temple. The funny thing is that the temple was covered with 19th century graffiti. The armor and weapons exhibit was awesome. I took a picture of one suit of armor that had a very unusual cod piece (the thing that covers his thing). Yes yes I am still that immature. Here is a picture of Gwendolyn and I being goofy and trying to blend in. Here are two sculptures that I thought were interesting. The wood sprite was done by Frank Lloyd Wright (he did everything it seems like). Finally, here is a picture of a Van Gough I snapped off before the museum worker told me no pictures. Sad thing is that the guy next to me had also taken a picture and his camera was super huge (the lens alone was a foot long). We took a rest break and hung out in the café / atrium. For an over the top price you could get bottled water, a cookie, or a beer! Ha ha ha, the thought of drinking a beer at the MET convinced me to get one. So here is a picture of me enjoying that beer.

On the way home, I took a bus and a train (I am sort of getting the hang of the public transportation here, but it takes me forever to figure out what platform to stand at). The nice thing was a man on the subway platform was playing the theme from Schindler’s list on the violin. Granted he was no Itzhak Perlman, but still passable. Too bad I only had a twenty on me and could not tip. Finally, I took this picture of Radio City Music Hall on my way home. Yes, still acting the part of a tourist.


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