Friday, January 25, 2008

The Rachel effect

My twin (not really, but almost) Rachel stopped back in town after visiting Israel again. The last time she came into town, some lame guy hit on us using a technique described in Neil Strauss’s book “The Game”. Anyway, I guess she must be catnip to all the New York douche bags because we got hit on again! Maybe the guy thinks we are twins/sisters and then has this desire to fulfill his weirdest fetishes. Anyway, I took her to the speakeasy Please Don’t Tell. This is the place where you enter a phone booth in a hot dog joint, dial the phone, and the other side of the phone booth opens so you can enter the bar. Neat huh. Plus since they are a former speakeasy, all of their cocktails are super complicated. Rachel ordered the “Falling Leaves” and according to her, tasted like the fall. We wanted to mimic this cocktail at home (and avoid the steep price) but lost all ambition when we saw it had over a dozen liquor ingredients.

Next to us were two NYU intellectuals. One guy was served a single rose petal with his drink because the smell of the rose would compliment the flavor of the drink (yeah, I was not kidding about this place being serious about their drinks). For no reason, the guy felt compelled to give me his rose petal (because he was too manly to have a flower) even though Rachel was in the middle of telling me all the Israel stories. I told him I would rather have his book (it was a Kurt Vonnegut work) and he went off on intellectuals preferred over beauties. Ummmm thanks a-hole for calling me ugly!


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