Thursday, January 17, 2008

The reason why you don't leave the island

Friday night, the gang headed to the village bar Old Rabbit Cellar which had a menu of European beers and the worst fucking address ever. Seriously, its address was on Minneta Lane but the place was actually on MacDougal St. Plus there were two doors with the same address. I made the mistake of first walking into the Vietnamese restaurant and asking where the “bar” was.

The Cellar bar was basically a gathering point before we headed off to Brooklyn. On our way to the subway station, I stopped in a Bodega to get some beverages for the trip. I mean we were going to Brooklyn, it could like take days! While walking, Evan gasped and got the biggest smile on his face. “Did you see who that was, Dave Attell (long pause as we all stare blankly at him), you know the Insomniac guy (still blank)!” We quickly went back so that Evan could take a picture with him because he was literally ready to come in his pants.

Overcome with seeing his man hero, Evan couldn’t figure out how to use turnstile and we subsequently missed our “R” train. No worries because it was 11pm and the show (and hence the reason we were leaving the island in the first place) did not go on until Midnight. We were crafty and constructed beer cozies out of gloves. Yeah, every time we took a swig, it looked like we were swallowing an arm. Well 15 minutes later, a “N” train pulled into the station. Good, then the next one would be an “R” right, since they alternate. Nope, the next one was another “N”. It was approaching 11:50pm when the third train pulled into the station. Sure enough it was another fucking “N”. I was out of beer at this time and hell bent on getting to Brooklyn (never again will I ever utter those words), so I ran up to the conductor’s window. I asked him when the next “R” would come by. He said “what station do you want to get to?” When I told him the station, he said “hop on, I’ll stop there”. Yeah! The gang was impressed because I essentially hailed a subway. Well turns out due to construction the “N” train was running on the “R” local track and we could have hopped on a train 45 minutes ago!

When we finally showed up at the venue to see Marshall’s band play, it was 12:30am! Luckily they were running late (as all venues go), and we arrived during the last song of the band immediately on before Marshall’s. Rock on! He was glad to see us because there were maybe 10 people there! I guess people behave differently in Brooklyn….you know, it is practically Long Island.

Well they played and were good, blah blah blah. I was actually more interested into seeing how the drummer would react around me. If you are a faithful reader of blogs past, you would know I made out with the drummer at Halloween only to be discovered by the ex-boyfriend/lead singer. Yeah, I briefly thought I would Yoko Ono the band before I realized I’m not that important. No worries anyway, because that was the drummer’s last show (he quit to join another band a week later). Damn, last chance to get it on (Ultimate Fakebook reference). Bree was equally enthused with the picture booth. Too bad we didn’t realize it was (4) of one picture instead of (1) of four pictures. Oh well.


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