Wednesday, January 23, 2008

After school programming

Since I had been dating Marathon Man for over a month, it was time to meet the friends. I headed over to Spanish Harlem to participate in happy hour with the teachers. Okay, these teachers were soooo much fun. I cannot imagine my high school teachers being this cool, but then again I thought 25 was so old back then.

We drank at Blonde’s until the neighboring beer pong bar opened up. Yeah you know they are serious about their drinking when they are waiting for a bar to open at 4pm. While we were playing beer pong, I asked them to tell me some of the stories from teaching in a public high school in Spanish Harlem. Here is the most shocking:
One day, an old man substitute teacher was forced into a broom/coat closet by the kids. They then pushed a desk in front of the door and sat a few students on it so that the sub was effectively locked in the closet. They then cleared the remaining desks and had a wrestling tournament in the middle of the classroom. The sub eventually got out the next period or so, but that was his last time teacher…ever! Yeah he quit teaching period after that experience.

Things got hilarious when the beer pong game was down to one or two cups on each side. Steven (the music teacher) said we needed to distract the other team and then proceeded to bounce his ass behind the cups. After the other team gained back their composure, the turned around and shook his chest while chanting “titties, ass, titties, titties, ass”. Of course the other team could barely see with the tears in their eyes so they missed their shots. Now it was the other team’s turn to distract us. Both were small geeky white guys and their version of the robot was so awful it almost made me pee my pants. Seriously, it was the most awkward white guy attempt at the robot I had ever seen. Later they lowered their heads to the level of the cups and gave us the goofiest grins accompanied by big “thumbs up”. I guess you had to be there, but I had a blast.

Here are some pictures from the bar bathroom.
How do you increase stall space, why recess the toilet, too bad it is a tank model.

Need a counter, sure a couple of propped up boards will do

I know I am fun, but I had no idea the word had spread all the way up to Harlem

Okay, my roommate’s ex boyfriend is also named Ali, I wonder if it is the same guy

And of course the identity of M-Man is revealed….Erik the hot banker (except that is no how you spell it and he is not a banker, at least they got hot right)


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