Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another year passes, but I stay the same

Count it, I am three weeks behind on the blog. Yeah, so sorry if you have been waiting around refreshing your computer screen every few minutes to see if I added anything new. I can only say I have been distracted lately with an application and mass CD mixing. Currently I am listening to “best of the 90’s, dance mix” and it is putting me in a feisty writing mood.

New Years! I kissed 2007 goodbye at a really lame party with Dana, Olga, Andy, Vashware, and some other nice girl. The ladies carb loaded before the party thinking we were going to be participating in some kind of party marathon or something. At dinner, Olga introduced us to Vodka Bears which should have their own place in candy heaven. Basically you soak gummy bears in vodka for 24hours and then enjoy (think vodka watermelon like). The only draw back (besides being highly addictive) is the bears were all slimy and sticky. Eventually our hands were all coated with a sweet gooey gelatin like substance which made us look like we all were jerking off elephants.

The party was made even lamer when we discovered it was missing a key ingredient….glasses. We mixed fancy cocktails and martinis only to discover our options were plastic picnic cups or burger king tumblers. I personally drank out of a giant coffee mug with a snowman on it. Yeah, it was basically the tacky Christmas sweater version of beverage containers. One douche-bag (the one thing the party had an abundance of) asked me why I got the special mug. I replied “because I rock”. He obviously was not amused (or wanted to be a really bad pick up artist) and said “that is not an answer” to which I countered “oh no, it IS THE ONLY ANSWER”. He continued with “how can you just say that, I mean it is not proven or anything, ha ha ha”. I turned to Dana and broke up her conversation to ask if I rock, and she said “oh yes, Lindsay totally rocks”! I then turned back to the douche-bag and gave him a “see, told you” look. Ah ha ha ha…I rock!


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