Friday, January 25, 2008

Strike a pose

If my posts could not get even more random (or is it randomer), along comes this one. I needed to submit a “head shot” for this side project I am looking into. It was basically a wild hair and I figured why not. Rob is also applying for this project, so he was in need of a good picture as well. We grabbed his digital camera and spent the day walking around SoHo trying to be supermodels. Man it is harder than it looks. One time I was squatting next to some neat graffiti while trying to avoid kneeling in the bum urine around it. We even went as bold as posing in the middle of the street. The conversation would go: “okay chin down, look at me, oh shit dump truck!” If I look like I am laughing, it is because I am! All in all, we shot over 200 pictures, and my nerdy self had only about a dozen usable ones.


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