Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Against Me! part deux

I grabbed a SPIN magazine at the gym, and its theme was best of 2007. While I was half heartedly flipping through it (I normally go for the easy on the eyes gossip magazines while on the treadmill because I don’t need to read the articles), I came across the “top 50 albums of 2007” series. I recognized some of the bands but I nearly fell off my treadmill when I saw who number one was…..Against Me! Hell yes! I love this punk band and can go on and on about how awesome their show was in November. Currently they are on tour with Foo Fighters and I am trying to get a hold of one of the sold out tickets for their show at the Garden. Anyway, I thought I just would post the pictures in hopes of brainwashing my readers into starting a letter writing campaign to have the lead singer marry me.


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