Monday, September 11, 2006

Singing at Sing Sing

My first night out on the town. My Chicago friend Emily and Maria were invited to a bachelorette party for a NY friend this past Saturday night. They let me tag along because I am just that pathetic. We met the group at a Karaoke bar named "Sing Sing" (truely original) in the East Village. Walking from the train was torture for Maria because of evil -- but super cute -- shoes. They reminded me of the evil shoes that disfigured my feet at my going away party. Anyway, at first glance, the bar did not look like a bar but more like a ........ Cambodian prostitute house (I know from dateline or 20/20 dramatic expose'). Seriously, you travel down this narrow corridor with pink numbered doors. The rooms have a big screen tv, sofas, and a phone where you can call for a waiter.... or 12 year old girl (not really, but then again we didn't try).

Anyway, I am not a singer (I was asked to quit choir freshman year of High school because I was that bad). I have my standard songs of "Like a Prayer" and "Sweet Caroline" that everyone chimes in on (thus hiding my lack of pitch....clever minx I am). Thankfully, at least four of the people at the party were actors, not just any type but singing actors. The bride-to-be (Renee or Reese Novack) [correction her name is actually Bree Elrod, boy I was drunk] was one, and she cracked me up. Her brother and grilfriend also were actors, and gifted singers (talk about feeling like the kid at the talent show who can only play hot cross buns on the recorder). Actually her brother was in a little movie called "wedding crashers". They told me oh yeah he has a few lines in the football scene at the parent's house. Now I was not impressed because the brother of another friend walked in the background of Legally Blonde 2 (beat that). The next morning, Maria and I watched that part of the movie, and sure enough he has some really funny lines (all ad-libbed I was told) and steals the scene. Wow I am impressed.

Okay back to the party. Here are some pictures of us in the pink room (Maria and Emily, Maria and me). I tried to get a motion shot of Emily dancing (oh yes she was dancing), but this was all I could get. Upon exiting the bar, there were a group of guys we ran into. They were lame and one was actually wearing a Creed concert t-shirt. I made Emily and Maria pose with him. Yes I am mean enough to mock a total stranger.

The night was capped off at a bar just south of Houston street (where NoHo and SoHo get their distinction). It was very educational (Em and Maria know what I am talking about) on the subjets of relationships and piercings. Anway, the final highlight of the night was Maria cursing all of the people getting cabs before us.


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