Monday, September 11, 2006

Take a bite of that big booty

I was blessed with a visit from Maria Petrone this past Saturday and Sunday. She can officially claim the title of "first schacker" at my place. Being a native New Yorker, I put her skills to the test and went shopping. My apartment was in need of two items....curtains/draps and a table. Since I don't plan on shipping a lot of the stuff I have back to Chicago (eventually), I just wanted a table that works (hence any old thing that could stay upright would do). We headed towards 23rd St. and 3rd Ave which is what I dub thrift store alley. They had four stores lined up next to each other. The goodwill seemed like the most familiar choice, but sadly it did not have any furniture (the salvation army had furniture but it was all stacked up - vertically- along one wall like couch jenga, very scary looking). The goodwill did have curtains (granted I was planning on getting fabric and making nice curtains). Maria and I were cracking up because they were the most fru-fru ridiculous looking things, and at $8 for the entire set I could not say no. Hey it is a quick fix until I locate a fabric store. After I hung them up in my apartment, Maria said it reminded her of a circus tent.

While walking back to my place we came across two stores in Chelsea (aka somewhat north boystown) that I haaaaaad to take pictures of. The first is further proof that the phrase "only in New York" still rings true. Where else could you get sushi AND lotto at the same place.

The second is a bakery that I stopped in my tracks to take a double take. Ah ha ha ha.

Here are some more sight-seeing pictures.
This is the replicate Triuphant Arch from Paris (except they subsituted George Washington for Napoleon) found at the Washington Square Park in the NYU campus.

This is the outside of a catholic church on the West side near the Lincoln center. Funny story: While Maria and I were brousing the art fair at Lincoln center, I cut my finger and got blood on my shorts. I blurted out "ugh you know how hard it is to get blood out of your clothes" while Maria said "yeah" in agreement. No picture the sideways glances from all of the old ladies surrounding us at the art fair. Ha ha ha, oops.


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