Sunday, April 07, 2013

Spare in the air

Going through the phone camera again and noticed I am behind AGAIN on updates.  Yes I have four other international vacations to get caught up on also, so here is the quick post to clean out some semi-recent activity.
For my winter birthday, a group of friends headed out to Colorado for some skiing.  The parents of a friend had a sweet ski-in ski-out condo at Keystone.  It has been established that I am more sporty than Jewed Law.  In high school, I was captain of the basketball team...he was the lead actor in the school plays.  After every race or athletic event he would claim, "you win this one, but wait till I get you skiing."  Sure enough, he is golden on skis.  Smoked my ass like I was a novice.  Even the seasoned skiers were super impressed.  Mama so proud.
The group consisted of three guy-girl couples and the 18month old daughter of one pair.  Since most of the ski lifts only take 4-people, we normally had to split up into 3-3 or 4-2.  One time, the three ladies were grouped together and we gossiped about...wait for it...boys.  M asked me when Jewed Law was going to propose.  I thought about it for a moment and said "I don't know, my birthday is this weekend and I don't think he would do it then, but then when he asked me if I wanted my present before the trip or on the birthday I said birthday unless the gift was too large to pack (we wanted one carry on and one duffle bag only), and he said no problem it is tiny...oh my God he might propose on my birthday".  The evening of my birthday, the group surprised me with a cake & candles.  Jewed Law plopped down a small square blue box from Tiffany's.  Everyone was stunned into silence.  Spoiler alert, it wasn't a ring...just some lovely earrings.

All three couples were flying back on Sunday.  The couple with the child (M&D) picked a noon flight in order to get back home in time for the little one's bedtime.  The other couple and us had tickets on the last flight in order to get another 1/2 day of skiing in.  It started snowing the previous night and continued throughout the day.  We got 12" of fresh powder, but Denver was like fuck and started canceling all flights out.  When M&D were being re-booked, the soonest they could get back was two more days.  The group talked about other methods of getting back to Chicago, including renting a van and having three drivers go 24 hours straight.
We kept calling the airport and airline asking when our flight would be canceled so we could just get on with it.  They assured us our flight was still scheduled to leave, thus making it the ONLY flight leaving Denver that day.  Sure they were letting flights land, just no more leaving for some reason.  During the 4-hr drive down from the mountains (snow + weekend = parking lot on the highway to Denver) we still were being told the flight was going to leave so help them God, just maybe delayed a bit.  Sure enough, the flight is delayed 2hrs (making our departure closer to midnight) but they had us board even though all other gates were closed.  It was baffling why they would work so hard ship out the last flight of the day (which likely was the least book of them all).  Once we got on the plane, the reason became obvious...they need to fly the pilots back to Chicago.  Seriously, the plane could take say 100 people, and 65 of them were pilots.  Every row had two or three men in the white shirts with epaulets and the telltale cap.  Chicago is a major hub for Southwest Airlines (our carrier this trip), so they needed to get all those trapped pilots back in order to avoid canceling some more flights tomorrow.  We kind of in a twisted way wanted some one to come out of the cockpit announcing there was something wrong with the pilot and if anyone else on board could fly the plane...then imagine 50 hands shoot up in the air.  Ha!

Holy Moley

I went to Easter service last marks the first time in Chicago I have gone to church without a wedding involved.  I consider myself a submarine Lutheran...we spend most of the year submerged and surface on major Christian holidays like Christmas  Usually I am home visiting my parents and can attend the church I grew up in.  So I googled churches within walking distance and headed on over.  Jewed Law was a sweetheart and offered to go with me, until he the morning came and we were both hung over and tired.  Yes I am totally waiting to be struck down by a lightning bolt or raining frogs.
I picked a pew and sat down alone.  Shortly thereafter, a girl joined me asking if I was worshiping alone too.  She was my age and normal looking...and apparently wanted to be my new best friend.  From what I gleamed, she was a social worker and a big ole fan of Jesus Christ!  She swayed and grooved to every song, even though it was just her.  She also lifted up her hands when they say "lift up your hands"...yeah they mean it as a metaphor.  With her personal dance party and constant Hallelujah hands, she managed to be "that girl".
So the Easter service program booklet is an inch thick.  We sang like 50 hymns.  You know how there are 6 songs to get us through communion, but you only really sing 3 and quit unless there is a long line and need to sing one more to make sure everyone is served without awkward silence of shifting pew creaks.  Well this church only needed three...but we sang all six for good measure.  In fact we sang every song in the program, and each song had at least FIVE verses!  Clearly this church loved to sing because in addition to the full playlist of songs, they sang everything from the Lord's prayer to the call and responses.  Plus they had a jazz band that liked to rock out.  As I watched the minutes tick on and on, I soon stated to despise the musicians for deciding create a jam session in the hymns.  Seriously where in "Go Tell it on the Mountain" is a trumpet solo?  I knew they were fucking with me (and the other rusty submarine worshipers) when all prayers/calls/responses/etc. after the sermon were done first in English, then in Spanish, and then again in English (in case the Spanish made you forget what that was all about).
Thankfully I had all the discounted candy to console my heathen soul.