Sunday, July 08, 2012

Girl around town

I downloaded pictures from my phone...finally.  I know there is a way to automatically post things to facebook from your phone, but I am pretty lazy on the whole social media/technology thing.  Yeah I hear about big facebook announcements or posted pictures from my Mom.  Anyway here is a little glimpse into what I felt was phone picture worthy in the last few months.

Man I love Chicago in the Spring.  Don't get me wrong, it is still cold as fuck, but the color that replaces the white snow is worth it.

I was in New York for a friend's going away party.  I had some time to kill between brunch with some old friends and dropping off my stuff with another.  Here are two interesting places I wandered by.  I know enough French to get a chuckle out of a cafe named "the terrible children".  I imagine the place is full of families with high chairs and asshole toddlers.
 A cool townhouse in Brooklyn's Park Slope.  The camera phone picture doesn't do the detail justice.

Jewed Law and I were making an errand run in my neighborhood Target (slowly becoming the ghetto target).  The toy department is right next to the electronics department.  Fun for both big and little boys I guess.  Anyway, this fashion forward Ken doll bore a striking resemblance to Jewed Law. 

The Lincoln Square neighborhood nearby is big on German culture, German cusine, German everything.  It hosts an Okotberfest festival twice a year.  This first being Mayfest which happens in spring.  Well people flock to the festival dressing in authentic Bavarian dress looking to drink a shitload of imported beer.  Yep there is no shortage of lederhosen, giant beer steins, and the occasional funny hat.

 Ever wonder what Bike Cops do with their bicycles when they need a pee break...
A family friend of Jewed Law is South African.   He invited us over for some story telling and acoustical guitar singalong.  Besides the fascinating conversation, he was able to provide us with liquor straight from South Africa.  Yep that is an elephant on the label.  Awesome! 


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