Sunday, June 23, 2013

Big news!

I'm engaged!  I'm so happy I have this blog to record all of these thoughts. I've been busy the last several months writing our story for all of the other media outlets like wedding websites, emails to friends, introductions to extended family, and even the tiny local papers.  We made the decision to have a short engagement, so the wedding is scheduled for this November.  Most venues laughed at us for even attempting to shoot for 2013.  Others gave us the "you must be pregnant" sad nod (spoiler alert, I'm not pregnant...just didn't want to get married in the bitter Chicago winter).  I guess the big reveal is that Jewed Law's name is Tyler.

Anyway here is our story...

Tyler and Lindsay first met several years ago at a Cubs game arranged by Tyler's sister (and Lindsay's friend) Rachel. They next met in the security line at Midway Airport where they had a "I think I know you but don't want to start talking to a random stranger" moment. After Tyler moved to Chicago after law school, Rachel brought him along to her annual summer picnic at the lake. This time, Lindsay didn't see Tyler as Rachel's little brother, but as a handsome man. She even volunteered to throw the frisbee around with him even though she is abosultely dreadful at it.
The real spark happened at Rachel's wedding to Norm in June 2010.  Lindsay joked to Rachel to seat her at a table full of handsome single men. Turns out, Rachel secretly was trying to set Tyler up with her, and therefore sat Lindsay at a table full of female dancer friends since Tyler had to sit at the head table. Well, the signature drink at the wedding was a Mint Julep ... so it is only natural that most guests at the wedding were twelve sheets to the wind. Other family and friends of the Zanders clan were also playing matchmaker and suggested Tyler go dance with that friendly girl in the bright blue dress. The photographer was able to catch the pair together several times during the party and after-party.
A week after the wedding, Tyler asked Lindsay out on a date.  She got permission from Rachel hoping Tyler wasn't "off limits" since he was her little brother.  Their first date was a music concert of Lindsay's favorite band.  After the show, they got a couple more drinks at a nearby bar, Fat Cat, where they played Jenga with a giant set constructed out of 2x4's. Tyler left the date a bit inebriated, but he claims that is when he knew she was the one (then again it could have been the booze talking).

Our engagement story...

We purchased tickets to the broadway musical The Book of Morman months ago. We see musicals and plays all the time so nothing raised the red flag. Since it was a Friday night and we both work downtown, we grabbed dinner at Rosebud beforehand. The show was great and we highly recommend it.
Once we got home to our apartment, we started getting ready for bed. The bathroom is tiny so only one person can really fit at a time. The bathroom is also right next to the bedroom. Lindsay finished up and was doing her puzzle book in bed while Tyler was still brushing his teeth. Tyler came into the bedroom and said with a dreamy look "I had a lot of fun with you tonight, and I would be happy having nights like this for the rest of my life." He then turned around and headed out of the bedroom (to wash his face or something, so Lindsay thought). Lindsay was a bit confused because it was incredibly romantic of Tyler but was there an underlying message. She jokingly called after him "you know that doesn't count as a proposal." Tyler then came back into the room, jumped on the bed, and opened up a ring box and asked "Well, does this count?"
We were so happy and wanted to share the news with everyone right away. Unfortunately it was 1am, so we had to wait till morning to call our parents, family, and friends.  We hardly slept that night as we stayed up giggling like tween girls at a sleepover.


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