Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bring on the broccoli gas!

So I joined weight watchers.  No I didn't balloon up to 200lbs or develop a sudden eating disorder, it was a health choice (I think).  Being a competitive athlete, I have NEVER dieted before (yes you are free to hate my guts).  Pizza...yes!  Beer...yes!  Candy...yes!  Now that I am slowing down due to bum knees and old age (or an old age attitude), I maybe should start learning how to eat healthy instead of downing 4000 calories of potato chips after a triathlon brick workout.  Plus the diet forces me to eat lots of fruits and vegetables which equals fiber which equals regular bowel movements! Yay!
So I am in day three of the point system diet.  I clearly am still learning the ropes because I have barely ventured beyond hard boiled eggs, carrots & celery, and a shit load of apples.  I did have my first banana ever today.  Yeah I know that is weird but the texture always threw me off before.  Frankly I only picked it up because I am sick and tired of fucking berries & apples (you know the mainstream fruits).
I made my first mistake yesterday (okay I likely made many mistakes...but this was the only obvious one).  I played beach volleyball in the 100deg heat index weather and rode my bike to and from the courts (about 10miles round trip).  I made an error in calculating one meal and mistakenly over estimated it (meaning I actually could have eaten more).  Well as a result, I had my first food dream.  I laid awake just thinking about how hungry I was.  You would be proud that I didn't cave even though I spent half the night drooling over just a slice of bread.  Turns out, catching my math error sooner would have let me have that bread slice...damn!
Okay I'm not going to dog the other people in my weight watchers meeting because they clearly need respect and support...but I cannot resist the birthday cake story.  One of my favorite bloggers (an extremely snarky snappy obese woman) wrote a book about loosing weight (or attempting because the book was a NY Times best seller and she still was fat...an ironic fact she loves to point out).  She openly admitted to writing this book not because of interest but because 1) she didn't have enough material for her upcoming 4th memoir, 2) wanted to appeal to the masses, and 3) needed to pay some credit card bills.  She wrote that without fail, someone would bring up the struggle of evil birthday cake at the office, at every WW meeting.  Seriously EVERY MEETING (even when she switched up locations and days).  I quietly sat in the back of my first meeting just to observe since I clearly was a noob.  Well sure enough, when the leader had the group open up about their demons, the first hand that shot up was birthday cake at the office.  I almost burst out laughing, but I doubt they would be amused by the humor (unless they are Jennslyvania fans).


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