Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This experience had me in tears (of laughter) this morning. I was sitting in my male coworker’s office recapping the last three weeks when I noticed in my peripheral vision some movement on the wall next to me. We both look over and see a GIGANTIC bug crawling along the wall. Seriously, this thing looked menacing. It was two inches long, hairy (yes hairy!), with about a hundred legs. Well my coworker jumped out of his chair and ran over to the other side of the office saying “I don’t like bugs”! That alone made me burst out laughing. I offered to kill it, so he gave me a wad of napkins. Well when I smashed the napkins against the wall, the bug was TOO BIG for the napkin wad and therefore fell to the ground…where it proceeded to scurry around because it was STILL ALIVE. That is when both of us screamed and jumped out of the office. The hilarious part is that a nearby cubical farm heard the whole thing and were all poking their heads up over the partitions to see why we were screaming. We had to admit…two grown adults were freaking out over a bug (a big one though).
The strange thing is that I had a dream about spiders last night. The dream was all random with things like riding in the overhead baggage compartment in an airplane and visiting an apothecary store with jars of eyeballs and worms. Well some girls held me down and put a giant spider on my arm which I felt scurry up to my hair. I smashed the spider into my skull with my hand and it felt like breaking a raw egg. Of course, the spider was able to bite me and it ended up killing me immediately (where I woke up with a racing heartbeat and an irresistible urge to run my fingers over my head). I was later told it was quite the girly way to go…death by spider in the hair. Ah ha ha ha.

Monday, September 20, 2010

USA all the way

I am back in the USA! I just returned last night from the Annual Dana & Lindsay vacation which lasts close to 3 weeks. Due to security reasons, I didn't warn any internet sources I would be away from home (so people couldn't rob me while I am out). Granted, there is nothing worth robbing in my place...but I would seriously cry if they took my uber comfy bed. I am horrible because I haven't finished writing about last year's vacation before I jetted of to this year's (South America). Hopefully I can crank out the last three posts before the temptation to write about this vacation overcomes me. Trust me, I will make it worth the wait.