Monday, November 06, 2006

All in the Family

Okay, this event happened Sunday as well, but I figured it is important enough to have a separate post. I am proud to announce the addition of a brother-in-law to my family. My older sister Angela called me bright an early Sunday morning (okay I was already up walking to the Marathon, but since Nebraska is a hour behind it was like 8:30am her time). I was in a panic at first thinking something happened to our parents (seriously, who calls that early on a weekend). Thankfully, she told me the exciting news that her boyfriend Brad X (whoa, don't know his last name, boy I am a horrible sister) popped the question early that morning. I guess it is okay that I don't know Brad's last name since he is sooooo smitten with my sister that he could probably be convinced to take her name! The engagement story is that he got the ring on Thursday. He is the type of guy who cannot bear to sit on it, so he wanted to propose on Friday. Too bad my sister had a horrible day at work and was not in an optimal "yes" mood. Saturday didn't fall into place either because she nixed his romantic dinner notions for a "why don't we order in". By Sunday, he pratically was bursting to get this off his chest. He woke up super early (like 5am) Sunday morning and went to Wallmart (side note, only in Nebraksa ah ha ha) to pick up some breakfast items. He then woke my sister up in bed (note, Mom and Dad if you are reading this, she is a big girl and therefore entitled to sleepovers with boys) and served her a delux breakfast. This was around 7am, so my sister was still a little groggy. She asked where he got the supplies for breakfast. When he told her he went to the store, she asked "so did you get the rest of the groceries". He then showed her the ring and asked the question. Hurrah!

Now being the vain and selfish person that I am, I am thrilled with the engagement becase: 1) it has been a while since the last Bose girl wedding and therefore will take attention off of my perpetual single status (no rush to find a boy and drag him off to my marital cave), and 2) also double the chances for production of a non-lindsay grandchild to calm the requests of the parents. Ahhh, thank you Angela, you have gotten me off the hook for the next five or so years!

I am awaiting the blog of the brother-in-laws that detail the strange (but funny) interworkings of my family. Here is one gem of a story. One Easter morning several years ago, my family was gathered around the kitchen table enjoying Easter brunch. The kitchen table area has large windows overlooking the backyard (no, not a farm people). Along came a little bunny rabbit hopping across the yard. He stopped and propped up on his hind legs and wiggled his cute little nose. In awe, I remarked "look isn't it is Easter morning....and there is the Easter bunny". In an instant, my mom shouted "those bastards! they keep eating my flowers". She then dashed out the back door waving her arms like a mad woman trying to scare off the bunny. Ahh ha ha, gotta love my family. Now you all know where my quooky sense of humor comes from.


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