Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Too cool for old school

The good thing about Chicago is the random musical acts that will visit the town. We get big names from right now and big names...from high school. Take Coolio for example. Oh yeah, I remember rocking out to his Gangsta's Paradise in middle school (or early high school...when did that movie come out?). Yep, I was so down, or as "down" a small white girl from Nebraska could be.

So Coolio obviously had a few 90's hits and decided that was good enough. Now I guess he tours around reliving his hits just to pay a dept collector or two. I can recall only three hits of his, so we just waited around for him to play them. Oh he was good...not a performer...a filler. In the the hour show, he would play one song, then fill the next ten minutes with "Whats up Chicago" or "how about them Blackhawks". Then some random rapper friend of his would get on stage and repeat the same banter Coolio did or shout out some unknown rap that had a lot of "yeahs". They brilliantly stretched out the show so that they only played five songs in one hour.


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