Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are you ready to rock!

The summer festivals have officially started. The festivals are held weekly at different northside neighborhoods with live music, food, and beer…lots of beer. My friends and I have been busy most weekends with various excuses like work, weddings, family, etc., so this first festival was a chance for all of us to let loose. The band line up couldn’t be better. First up was “two white crew”, a cover band of 80’s & 90’s hip hop. Yep, there was some serious Jock Jams like Hip hop hurray, Jump, Waterfalls, and Baby Got Back. Speaking of baby got back, the band asked women to get up on the stage and shake their booty. As expected, a collection of women with low self esteem and tight clothing flocked to the stage. One stand out was a 50+ year old woman (someone’s grandmother we joked) who had some serious junk in the trunk. To our amazement, she shook it and stunned the whole crowd. Seriously there was a collective gasp in the audience. The funny, and slightly disturbing, thing was that every part of her body shook. The wave reminded me of Homer Simpson’s poke test. She kept grinding up against the singer who a first laughed and then cringed.

Another character was an Asian guy who took hair gel to a whole new level. You know Pauly D from the Jersey Shore, and how his hair stood straight up. Well this guy had his hair straight back. It was like a Magnavox or RCA commercial.

The festival attracts all sorts of people. This woman was an animal rights activist or something. Kind of a downer shirt for a festival. Okay maybe I could forgive the shirt, but the mom jeans…tisk tisk.

The headlining band was Hairbangers Ball. They are an excellent cover band of 80’s big hair rock (Bon Jovi, Metallica, Heart, Def leopard, etc.). The band gets into it and dresses up in 80’s fashion with mullet wings. Now this band rocks hard and usually your ears are still ringing the next day (hello hearing loss). Imagine my surprise when I saw a baby at the show. Yes, a BABY! In the front row! He was sporting just a diaper and was perched on top of his idiotic father’s shoulders (his parent of the year award was lost in the mail).

As you will see in the pictures, everyone just let go and went nuts. It felt good to cut loose after so long of being an adult.
Here is journey’s “Don’t stop believing” song. I caught the girls singing along.

Jensen got a little too carried away with the balloon hat.

Even Jesus likes hair metal. Okay I am now officially going to hell.

Everyone said it was one of the best nights out in a long while. I’m surprised they remembered it.


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