Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In the beginning

Here are some pictures from Rachel & Norm’s wedding. It was my first Jewish wedding. I’ve been to Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Civil and even Greek Orthodox weddings (where everything is in Greek and it is like two hours long…thanks Kons). Some weddings are long, some require a lot of audience participation, and some make you sing awkwardly to an unknown hymn. The Rabbi came out and asked who had been to a Jewish wedding before. The bride’s side all raised their hands. He explained all we had to do was yell out “Moseltof” once Norm stepped on the glass. It was 90 degrees and sunny weather, so the crowd was all melting. I wondered if my deodorant would make it through the whole ceremony. Well the Rabbi sped read a whole bunch of Hebrew and the next thing I knew, Norm stepped on the glass. I was in shock because the whole thing wasn’t more than ten minutes long. Wow, them Jews sure know how to do a summer wedding right.
At the reception, they did the traditional dance where the bride and groom were
lifted on chairs and shook like a bucking bull. It was hilarious. The bride and groom were white knuckling it to say seated while they were tossed high above the dance floor.

The best part was of course on the dance floor. The bride is part of a dance troup. When Michael Jackson's Beat It came on, the dance troup did the entire choreographed routine...including the whole knife fight joining hands dance. It was AWESOME! Oh I hope they got that on video.


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