Friday, June 18, 2010

Goonies - I have proof

Okay I know, it has been a while. I've been very busy and too exhausted when I come home late at night (from work...not parties...I have no social life...sigh).

I did notice this story that caught my eye. Okay, the background information...I love the movie Goonies (as does most of the 30-40 year old population) and I have probably seen it over a hundred times. It is one of those fail-safe movies that if I come across it while flipping channels, I will usually watch it. One time, I watched it in Spanish because it was on Telemundo and there was absolutely nothing else on TV (I know, read a book). My rational was "well it IS a good movie...and I already know what they are saying anyway".

Once I caught a version that had an scene with an Octopus. Just once. While the kids are in the water outside after coming out of the most awesome water slide ride EVER, this octopus brushed up against the girl with the glasses leg. She blaimes Mouth because he is just the kind of slime ball who would feel up wet leggings but then eventually is attacked by the Octopus (because frankly she needed a scene since she has been playing the 3rd wheel for the whole movie).
From then on, I would tell people about this scene and how it all makes sense now because at the end, the girl with the glasses was telling her parents "oh and there was this octopus" and I was like "what octopus". No one believed me (it was like I was Chunk telling a tall tale) and I swore up and down this scene exists.
And here is the proof. Octopus deleted scene.
If this link is expired (since I took freaking forever to write this up), then just YouTube Goonies and Octopus.


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