Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Random Robot

I have finally downloaded pictures from the last two months. There are some major players in there such as two separate concerts from two of my favorite bands, a visit to Nebraska, and a visit from my family. There are also many random photos. Here is a selection that frankly doesn’t fit into any category.
Some friends and I went to the Mayfest up in Lincoln Square. It is basically a huge German Oktoberfest…in June (yeah I don’t get it either). Here is Ally and I with our steins, funny hats, and lederhosen!

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. I know, old news. Well the town just went ape shit with the celebration. Over lunch I stopped by the ticker-tape parade since the route was right by my office. Of course I was about two hours too late, but I did catch some of the super fans walking back to the train station.

I attended a charity event at the race tracks out in Arlington Heights. Now I have NEVER been to the horse tracks before, so I tried to play the part and fit in. I’m thinking high class, big hat, mint julep, etc. (basically British). Turns out, no one dresses up for the races anymore. The event invite said “make sure to bring your fabulous hat” but it really should have said “make sure to find a clean t-shirt to go with your denim cut off jorts”. I didn’t win any money, but then again I didn’t bet at all because I didn’t have the faintest idea what to do. I would pick by funniest name instead of actual statistics…and I doubt “Fart Blossom” was a serious racer. Although I didn’t come out a winner, I certainty looked fabulous. Seriously, the whole sundress, wedge heel with white piping, and giant straw hat with black ribbon was a gay man’s fantasy. Too bad my giant hat kept blowing off my head, so I had to keep a hand on it at all times to prevent it from flying on to the track.

Here is a random guy standing outside the Sears Tower. True to his sign, he really was just looking around.

They are filming the Transformers 3 movie downtown by my office. They are storing a bunch of the props and vehicles at a lot nearby. Some co-workers snuck over and took some pictures of Optimums Prime and other “transformers” in their car states.

They also are simulating destroyed buildings and massive explosions, so there are giant heaps of fake concrete slabs with rebar embedded with office chairs piled up on the street. One street had overturned black and burned cars with extras walking around in tattered bloodied clothes. I can overlook the river from work, and they were flying black helicopters under the draw bridges before zooming up 90 degrees and inverting. Trust me, it was cool but I am sure the pilot had an iron stomach.
As an added bonus, my Sister, Brother-in-Law, and little Niece were in town during the filming. Even I got giddy.


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