Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The games we play

Wednesday was the pairing of sports and beer. My college (K-State) was playing its in-state rival (KU) in basketball. Being faithful (and not realistic) to the Alma Mata, we all hope for a win. Granted that seemed like a very unlikely accomplishment since KSU is a 50% team that starts three freshmen, and we have not won against KU at home in 25 years, and KU was undefeated and ranked number 2 in the nation, oh and did I mention it is K-freaking-U the basketball dynasty of the Midwest!

Well surprisingly, the game was kept close the entire time. The whole group was getting revved up and oh, and drunk. My friend was texting her boss about work stuff while trying to concentrate on the game. She was also sending messages to her boyfriend (who was also an avid KSU fan) about the score, lead changes, players getting in foul trouble, etc. When it was in the final minutes and K-State had a marginal lead, my friend texted “if KSU wins tonight, I’m going to have sex with you”. A minute later she got this message back “I don’t think it is going to happen either way” from her boss! Yeah, she sent it to the wrong person! Ah ha ha ha! How awesomely awkward! Good thing she and her female boss are cool like that.

Afterwards, the gang continued the celebration at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ where they serve fishbowls. Okay some of us have fond memories of fishbowls from Rowdy Trouty’s in Aggieville. Their delicious taste makes you forget you are drinking a swill of various liquors mixed with the saliva of six other people being held in a vase. We were further entertained by the plastic gator they served with it because hey when doesn’t a gator belong in a fishbowl?


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