Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Put a cork in it

Brief post before I unleash the massive randomness that happened over the weekend. On Thursday night, I met Dana, Evan, Michael, Bashwire, Andy, and some other guy out at a champagne bar, Bubble Lounge, in Tribecca. We figured champagne would be appropriate to send off Bashwire to India (where we jibbed that he was going back to get a wife) and to congratulate Evan who is going to be sent to Hong Kong for two years. Yeah Evan is super excited and he even hugged his boss when he found the news.

Well you know a place is out of your league when there is a $6,000 bottle of champagne on the drink list. Yeah, the cheapest bottle in the entire 20 page drink list was $40 and it was for some Indian sparkling wine but more likely rice wine that elephants get drunk off of. Even shitty champagne like Brute was $75! Really….Brute….you are serious?


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