Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Calm before the storm

I was blessed with large bulky gifts this year for Christmas that included a huge blender and George Foreman grill. The trouble was carting them back to New York. The blender alone took up my entire carry-on duffle bag. My mom was actually worried that they would not let me bring it on because of the blades. Note to all…blenders are an acceptable carry-on item. Anyway, I am waiting at the airport forever (because my Dad is a huge stickler to the minimum 2-hour prior to visit even though the Omaha airport only has a half dozen gates), and the airline attendant asks for volunteers with flexible travel plans. Since I had a four-and-a-half hour layover in Chicago, I figured why not. They rerouted me to New York via Dallas. Turns out I would be arriving in New York about the same time as my original flight and I got $300 in travel vouchers and upgraded to first class. I was tempted to take a picture with my first ever first class ticket but I am not that much of a yokel. Sadly, the K-State vs. Rutgers “Texas Bowl” football game would be playing while I was in flight. While switching planes in Dallas, I was half tempted to whip out my K-State sweatshirt to show some pride. While waiting for the plane to de-board, I saw military men exiting. Now I have seen commercials, but never in person, where everyone gives the service men standing ovations. Sure enough, everyone broke out in wild applause. I don’t know if the guys were embarrassed or proud, but it was really cool to see. The only notable thing about the flight was watching a girl almost strangle the Hasidic Jewish boy (black hat, white black suit, white shirt, and curls) in the seat behind her. He must have been ADD because he would not sit still. He kept stomping his feet, banging his table (which shook her seat), and kicking her seat. After about the first twenty minutes of tolerating it, she started to turn around in her seat and shoot him nasty looks from over her seat. Finally, the lady next to the poor girl yelled at him to sit still because it was even bothering her. Funny! When I finally arrived back to my apartment in NYC, I was greeted by my friend (super fun) Allison who came into town for a New Years visit. She had a wine cooler ready for me (he he he, wine cooler) which totally upped her friend status. Anyway New Years in New York City + Allison = wild and crazy times. Insane stories to follow………


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