Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Errr, you may want to try that one again

Saturday started with a jolt. On my way to the grocery store to get milk for my precious cereal, I came across an interesting scene. There were a dozen police officers around minding the “crime scene” tape blocking off the entire 50th street block. I am thinking, oh wow, finally I get to see a real CSI scene! Only when I was ushered across the street did I see the real reason for the commotion. Evidently, the cops had their holiday party the previous evening, and a giant police van smashed into another police cruiser, skipped the curb, and crashed into the sidewalk scaffolding. Talk about a wild night! I tried to get a picture of the scene all incognito so that they would not confiscate my camera. Yeah, didn’t turn out so well, but you get the idea.

That night, Bree and I met Dana and Michael over at an UWS house party. Yeah we totally did not know anyone there. I think they dubbed us “those girls” who sat in the corner and drank all their wine. The night did bear some fruit when we introduced Bree to Guitar Hero. Talk about an addicting game. Her and I both got booed off the stage each time. Then in walks some girl who picked up the guitar and played the entire song….on her first try. Bitch.

Our defeat at adult video games (okay that sounds odd, but you know what I mean) was drowned out by beer and pastries at Europe café. The deadly combination made us forget the address of the next party, so we settled for Rudy’s and Pizza Place.


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