Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Waaaay better then Nintendo

Friday night I had another date with Marathon Man. Being that he is 4-1/2 years younger than me (whoo-hoo, I still got it), he wanted to play video games. We sparred at Dave and Busters in Times Square and here is the score:
I won the basketball game twice, he beat me both times at the trivia game (odd how that turned out huh). We both sucked at ski-ball and jumping rope (don’t ask, the game was gay anyway). I smoked his butt on racecar driving and zombie shooting. It didn’t hurt that I have experience in speeding excessively…..or shooting zombies.

After a good two hours of play time we had amasses over 300 tickets. Too bad that doesn’t buy you jack shit there. We were able to get two giant pixie sticks, one sweet tart candy gel, and a ring pop. We decided to head over to the bar and mix the alcohol with excessive sugar. Yeah, we basically had a sugar buffet laid out in front of us, and we would fill our mouth with what ever sweet concoction and then chase it with a beer. The faces we would make were so bad that the wait staff started pointing and shaking their heads.

Later some guy came over and asked for a 25 year old ID. He promised us free beer if we pretended to be with his group. I guess if the group has minors, you have to have an adult, age at least 25, present. It was only then when it dawned on me how young M-Man was. He could not help them….but grandma Lindsay could.

After we had our fill of beer and sugar (my stomach hurt all night), we headed to heart of Times Square (44th and Broadway) because he had always fantasized about making out in Times Square. Everyone now….awwwwee, how cute. Too bad I’ll hit 30 before he makes it over the mid-20’s hump.


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