Monday, June 04, 2007

Check us out, we matched our drinks to our outfits

It was hard to start the weekend without my faithful drinking buddy Farrell, but I sure tried to party for the both of us. Friday started out early when I met Dave and his co-workers out for happy hour down in the Village. Before heading out, I was in the mood to be flirty and cute, so I donned a brown and white polka dot dress. Okay, Maria knows what I dress I am talking about, but it makes me feel adorable. Later on it would prove to be a wise choice because of our venue choices. Anyway, while we were enjoying conversations with our company and simultaneously making fun of the NJ meat heads (seriously, who wears a skin tight teal polo with a popped collar with a body builder body?) we received a call from our Chicago friend Betty. There was talk of her moving to the city, so this may have been a vacation/apartment hunting trip. She said she was with “the girls”. I groan at the thought of “the girls”. I was hoping she met some other group of girls, but that was wishful thinking. They wanted to meet us at some totally pretentious bar down in SoHo. Okay, I have had enough experience with out of town guests that I see a common trend of picking bad bars just for the image. They read about a bar in a review or magazine, and decide that must be the “it” place. Then when we show up at the place, it is totally dull, full of people dressed up for each other, and an all-around not fun/friendly experience. Well the bar/club they chose was no different. Dave and I showed up to the swanky place. Everyone was in groups of three or four. There was zero socializing among the groups. Basically everyone was there to talk only to the people they came with and drink highly over priced drinks. Okay now remind me the reason why this bar is soooo appealing to visitors? Thankfully I had dressed the part and was not in my customary jeans and fun top. When the girls finally arrived (an hour late, very inconsiderate of them), I was ready to go. Granted, I wish I could have hung out with Betty longer (she is such a doll), but a dentist visit is more enjoyable than creating conversation with the girls. Plus I had called Josh and Jeff and was meeting them up at Bowery Bar (a very noted bar of yester year and often mentioned in the Sex in the City book). After 15 minutes of polite conversation, I dashed out the door and jumped into a cab heading off to NoHo. Turns out the line at Bowery Bar was too long so we settled for the packed fun place across the street. Now this part of the night starts to get blurry since it was close to 2am and I had been out since 7pm. I think Jeff and I were picking out girls that Josh should talk to. I have a feeling we were those drunk annoying people at the bar, but who cares about image among strangers anyway.


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