Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ahh...that explains it...not really

The weekend started early when I met Phil and Dave out in the Flat Iron Bldg area. Phil scored us an open tab party with a bunch of bankers or guys with some association to the finance business. I was the only girl in the group of suits…wait I am not complaining, that is how I like it. Plus you get to eaves drop on conversations between men about how they wanted to do roids back in college. What? Okay I didn’t realize college guys cared that much about their body. The form of exercise most of my friends participated in was foosball, flip cup, and channel surfing. Oh well, they were engineering nerds so they had no shot with the ladies anyway.

The threesome headed over to another bar for a birthday (or graduation…I cannot remember) party. There I met the Kevins. Yes two of them and it was hard to decide which one was more witty and likeable. Maybe they could host a Kevin-off with only one survivor so we don’t have to do that tip toe conversation dance of “well Kevin, no, the other one, blah blah blah.” The bar was pretty cool but it was a mix of professionals (you know people winding down after a hard day of work) and college fratty tourists (you know boys winding down after a hard day of drinking since noon). Dave found a “secret” bathroom. He said it was down this staff only hallway. It was a tiny room with mops and cleaning supplies. It did not have a light, so Dave used the light from his cell phone. I’m still convinced Dave peed in a janitor’s closet! Ah ha ha ha.

Phil, Dave, Kevin, and Kevin headed off to yet another bar, but I headed back to Hell’s Kitchen to meet up with Farrell and Bree. Well I really wanted to go home, eat, and pass out, but we are counting down the days until Farrell leaves NYC for the green pastures of KC. Oh story rewind…I should explain the latest events in Farrell’s life since he has been a major player (and one of my best friends) in my NYC experience. Farrell and Bethany broke up. They were talking about marriage (he even went ring shopping) and living together. Then she doesn’t come home two out of three consecutive days. The fourth day she says she is breaking up with him and that she never loved him, blah blah blah (basically ripped out his heart and stomped on it with stiletto heels). Well he made her move out since he pays the rent to which she objected because she didn’t want to fend for herself in the real world (yeah he was her meal ticket…how do you like them apples now). Anyway when she moved out, she took all of the gifts he gave her, all of the gifts she gave him, all of her stuff and even some of his (like the sheets on the bed). Yeah, none of his friends are fond of her. Well Farrell went home to KC to recharge his batteries and check up on a sweet job prospect. Now he decided to move back home at the end of the month, so Bree and I are hosting a Farrell-pol-loza on his final days. The funny thing is that he met a girl while at home and now Bethany is jealous. I guess she thought they could get back together when he is back on his feet (i.e. when he is able to spoil and provide for her lifestyle). She even yelled at Farrell for taking her off his top MySpace friends list (and replacing her with the new girl). Juvenile….yes, fitting…hell yes.

Okay back to my life…I met Bree and Farrell at our local haunt Rudy’s. This place is the dive that defined all other dive bars. While there I got to hear Farrell’s story about moving, new girl, and MySpace (what is up with this MySpace thing? I need to check it out and move into the 21st century….along with the stalkers and sexually active pre teens…what is our world coming to?). Bree was in the same mindset (you know, drunk and starving) so we dropped Farrell off at the subway and jetted over to an all night pizza place. Mmmmm, garlic rolls.


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