Thursday, May 24, 2007

Not my problem anymore

Okay, normally you would not expect any more posts involving the ex since he is no longer in my life, but this was too funny not to post. Bree and I headed home after our glorious bar trivia defeat to the smart people. Farrell was still in the mood to drink and started calling up all of his buddies to come join him. The only one to pick up the phone was Marshall. Now their relationship was on the rocks since Farrell is the one who told me about Marshall’s cheating ways. Anyway the met up and buried the hatchet. To celebrate their enduring friendship, they split a bottle of Jim Bean between them. After closing time, they went back to Marshall’s apartment. Marshall was showing off his new clippers and decided he needed a hair cut. Unfortunately when you take one super drunk guy and add a pair of clippers, you get a really f-ed up hair cut. Evidently he took a big chunk out of his faux-hawk hair by mistake. Ah ha ha ha, soooo not my problem anymore.


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